Bábolna TETRA Poultry Breeder and Distributor Ltd. with its half-century history is one of the main participants of the layer hybrid breeding in the world. The company grew out from the former government-owned Bábolna Agricultural Enterprise that had a traditional animal breeding experience of 225 years. Since the privatization of Tetra in 2004 the company has been present with its products in 4 continents in almost 50 countries with a new management, logistic centre and a genetic program put on a new basis.

The production unit of the breeder chicks and hatching eggs is located in Uraiújfalu. In the recently renovated PS and GP farms the breeders are kept in accordance with EU regulations under strict animal welfare and health conditions. The TETRA brand name represents tradition and quality all over the world and research and development programs, expertise, dynamic and committed colleagues serve as a basis for this brand name.