Bábolna TETRA Ltd. has launched a series of Internal Education Programs for new employees and colleagues working in sales at the beginning of September 2020. Due to the pandemic situation many colleagues forced to stay at home and continue to work from there. Personal interaction between team members and partners around the world must have been minimized. In this state, owners of the company have decided, that this is the right time to develop knowledge of their team by ZOOM conferences, held bi-weekly. This gives the opportunity to maintain personal bonds and forward a message, that they are important and appreciated even during this hard situation.

Before preparing the program, chief organizer, Dr. Anita Almási has addressed a questionnaire to all participants regarding their individual requirements of topics, that need to be enhanced.

Areas include breeding, genetics, animal health, nutrition and keeping systems. Many of the lectures held by internal colleagues like geneticist, biologists, and veterinarians, but also involves some external specialist in other fields. Youngsters will also have the opportunity, to present their favorite area of poultry breeding and to show their dedication to the subject.  The webinar brings together 15-20 people for a 90 minutes session with a question and answer session at the end. This runs in both headquarters of the breeding company.

Currently, new schedules are being discussed by the organizers involving sales colleagues abroad and new topics coming forward during the current series.

The primary goal of the breeding company was to provide team members with up-to-date professional knowledge, enhance communication, make them enjoy their daily work during this instable worldwide situation. The management have firm belief, that motivated and prepared colleagues are the key to company growth and further success in business.

Internal education programs 2020